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    Canton Fair Booth 9.2 J 25-26 on Oct.23-27th,2019

    Hi guys, We are preparing our new Ceramic Decorative Items for the coming 2019 Oct. Canton Fair at Guangzhou. Except the main items we always make like Ceramic Vase, Pottery Planter and Stoneware Decorative Object, we have add more new designs and items to fit the 2020 Xmas Season such as Ceramic Xmas Tree, Ceramic LED Lighting Ornament and so on. Of course the Jewelry Storage Collection will not be missed. Look forward to meet you again at this October. Our Canton Fair Booth info is below: Pazhou, Hall 9.2 J 25-26
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    We have great teamates

    Fortune to have great teamates. Designer Vincent Liu handle the drawing and samples from sculpture, color and finish looking, all items such as Concrete Vase with Glass Container, Necklace Stand with Ceramic Base and Dots Collection are from his hand step by step. Danna, Zoe and I are handling with sales and orders. It's very pleasure to work with each others.
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    Photos for Canton Fair Booth at April

    This April we have collections for the Ceramic Wall Clocks, Ceramic Balloon Dog Lamp, Llama Vase with Tassel and Fabric accessories. For more ceramic decorative items kindly contact us.
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    Canton Fair Booth 9.2 D 12 on April.23-27th,2019

    Dear Valued Customers, We will attend the Canton Fair 2019 from April.23-27th, phrase 2, our Canton Fair Booth No. is 9.2 D 12, hope to meet you again. Canton Fair Phrase 2 April.23-27th, 2019 9.2 D 12 Contact: Jason Zeng Call: 86-18606000193
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    2018 Oct.23-27 Canton Fair 9.2 D 13-14

    Hi All, For coming 2018 Canton Fair on Oct.23rd to 27th, our booth are at 9.2 D 13-14 of Pazhou Phase 2, hope to meet you there.
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    2018 MAISON SHANGHAI Exhibition

    Hi, We are here in Shanghai for 2018 Maison Shanghai Exhibition. This item we bring more Humidifiers and Fragrance Diffusers to rich our home decor collection. There are also Jewelry Storage Stand, Concrete Humidifier and Ceramic Fragrance Diffuser, Ceramic Debossed Vase, Ceramic Bumpy Decorative Items, Ceramic Planter with Wood Stand, Ceramic Planter with Metal Stand and others. Hope you enjoy it.
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    Xiamen Homeplay Booth Info At Canton Fair Apr.23-27th.

    Below some our booth photos, welcome to visit us. 9.2 F 13 Pazhou Canton Fair. Our main theme for this fair is Home Decor and Jewelry & Office Organizer. For home decor we got Ceramic Small Cute Planters, Mini Animal Planters, ceramic vases and candle holder, Geometric Wall Hanging Planters, Concrete & Glass Vases, ceramic animal figurine, Iridescent Ceramic Vase. For jewelry and office organizer, we have Metal Jewelry Stand, Metal Bracelet Bar, necklace bar, Concrete Jewelry Ring Holder Trays, Triple Hexagon Satin Brass Pen Holder, ceramic animal shaped glasses and pen holder and others. One more, we have Concrete Humidifier And Ceramic Fragrance Diffuser. Inquiry us if you want to know more.
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    See you at Canton Fair April 23th-27th at Booth 9.2 F 13.

    Hi guys, We confirmed attend the coming April Canton Fair from 23th-27th this year, our booth information is below. Xiamen Homeplay Co., Limited Booth: 9.2 F 13 at Pazhou Contact: Jason Zeng Email: jz@xmhomeplay.com Cell: 86-18606000193 This time we will bring our new catalog about Jewelry Storage Decorations, most of them will be made with mixed material such as metal, concrete, ceramic and acrylic, will include Vanity Mirror, Jewelry Stand and Trinket Tray. And another catalog is about Stationary Storage such as Pen Holder, Letter Sorter and Trinket Box. We also will have more collection of home decors and gifts in ceramic material. We hope to see you there with our new developments.
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    New Ceramic Suppliers with Audit for retail store like Target and Walmart

    Besides our own factory, recently we have co-operated with several new ceramic factories which can pass the audit for retail store like Target, Walmart. They are capable of manufacturing large orders and urgent orders, will be a strong back up for our supplying in ceramic decor supplying. For more information of our factories, please contact us with inquiry.
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    Some of our ceramic production area

    Here we would like to share with you for some our cooperative ceramic production area. However the ceramic production area is not that clean as you normally think, we still want you to know the truth of us. And we welcome you to visit our factory. ● Mold and Sample Develop area Here we have more than 6,000 pieces of ceramic molds, normally every year we recycle 200-400 pcs of molds which are old and will be removed from this area, recycling making and become a new ceramic item mold. ● Production area This ceramic factory got 1 tunnel kiln and 2 large cubic kilns for production use. ● Paint and Inspection area We got 10 painting workers and 3 packing workers here belongs to the ceramic factory. Goods will be inspected by 1 factory inspector before packing, and our owned inspector will do the double inspection after they packed. Normally we send 1-2 inspector to factory for inspection before shipping. The 3rd party inspection company like BV, SGS, UL can be asked for inspection per your requested as well. ● Packing and Store area In addition the packing workers from ceramic factory, we are capable of employing more temporary packing workers to join the packing process (there are 10-15 temporary workers we are connected with), in order to ship your goods on time.
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